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Below you will find links to the websites of magazines and books in which I have been published, online magazines which have featured my work, and my online reviews.

My Other Sites


The home for the flash365 project. Come along, read the stories, and sign up to follow the blog.

flash365 on Facebook

Please 'like' flash365 on Facebook to show your support and keep up to date with all the news.

Gumbo Press

The home of Gumbo Press, my new publishing venture.

Gumbo Press on Facebook

Please come along and 'like' the page on Facebook, to show your support and keep up to date with all the news.

The Multiple Perspectives of Jekyll and Hyde.

The hypertext produced by my PhD.

My writing blog, wherein I discuss all my various writing projects, my insights, my successes and my failures.

Other writers for you to check out

Cathy Bryant

The homepage for Cathy Bryant, Manchester-based writer and performer.

The blog for writer and member of Bad Language, Daniel Carpenter.

Ulster poet and Reader in Creative Writing at the University of Gloucestershire.

Magazines and e-zines

blankpages magazine

blankpages magazine from the blankmedia collective.

Flash: The International Short-short Story Magazine

Flash is a biannual literary magazine, publishing quality stories and reviews of up to 360 words, which aims to include stories told from all angles and by writers hailing from all points of the compass.


Litro is a free monthly literary magazine that publishes new, original short fiction that excites us and offers a creative alternative to disposable papers.

PN Review

The premier poetry magazine.

the Recusant

the Recusant aim to publish online any poems, prose pieces, fiction, articles, reviews that they think interesting, imaginative and powerful. Now featuring my short story 'Escape'.


A Manchester-based magazine publishing short fiction and literary articles since 2004. My story 'Can you spare a minute?' appeared in issue 7.

Unlikely Stories

Unlikely Stories publish new poems, new fiction, and new creative non-fiction in the first half of every month. A new visual art gallery, a new movie, and new music in the second half of every month. And essays and reviews while they are still fresh.

Words with JAM

Words with JAM is designed for writers (and readers), something a little different from the other writing magazines out there; informative about writing methods, with tricks and tips, whilst also being relaxed, humorous, frank and fun.


The International Journal for the Practice and Theories of Writing for Children and Children's Literature

Writer's Muse Online

The website for the Writer's Muse magazine.

Publishers and Writing Organisations etc.

Bad Language

A writers' collective based in and around Manchester.

Dog Horn Publishing

Dog Horn Publishing is committed to publishing the best in cutting edge literature. This can be interpreted a number of ways. We want strong works with experimental forms and content; works that bend and blend genres; works that say something new and exciting, or something odd and dangerous.

Winning Words

a writing blog featuring interviews, tips and prompts, a free forum, a deadlines page of magazines calling for submissions and writing competitions, and online courses.

Worcestershire Literary Festival

Worcestershire Literary Festival 2011, to be held from 17th June to 27th June 2011.

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