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flash365 logo BREAKING NEWS: A selection of December's flash365 stories were broadcast on iPM on Radio 4 on Christmas Eve 2011, read by Diana Rigg, Rory Kinnear, Emilia Fox and Kenneth Cranham. The podcast is still available to download at

flash365 is my latest flash-fiction project,stemming from a number of previous ventures.

In November 2010 I took part in and completed NaNoWriMo, completing a 55,000 word novel in a month.

In January 2011 I wrote 31 flash-fictions, one for every day in the month, a project which is now available as the book, 31.

Now, inspired by these experiences, and also by the project started by Max Wallis entitled 'Something Every Day' I plan to publish a new flash fiction every day for a year, starting on May 1st 2011.

Please note I didn't say 'write' one every day. I'm not promising to have written the piece on the day on which it appears (holidays and such may well get in the way) but I am proposing to have a new and unpublished flash-fiction for you every day for the next year.

Please sign up to follow the blog, and 'like' the Facebook Page for the project. Your support will make it all worthwhile.

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