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Being a writer can be tough. We sit alone in a room and put one word after the other, not always sure if they're coming out in the right order, if the story is heading where we want to, and whether we are always producing our best work. Add to that the problem of motivation with only self-imposed deadlines, and it becomes clear that sometimes we need an outside eye.

This is where mentoring comes in. With the assistance of an experienced writer, you can step outside your work to view it with an objective eye and then make decisions about how to progress. In addition, with another person waiting for your work, it will be easier to find the impetus to keep working and so complete your project.

Exactly what you wish to achieve from mentoring may vary. You may be working on a first draft, or looking to turn a first or second draft into a second. You may be looking change directions with your writing, or you might simply be wanting help to get you through a sticky patch. Whatever it is, the outside eye of a mentor, and the encouragement, goal-setting, and experience that comes with it, will help you.

Mentoring will take the form of regular meetings, plus email and telephone support as necessary. What takes place in each meeting will vary depending on what you want the mentoring to achieve, but will likely include detailed feedback on your work and the setting of targets.

Publication or contacts to further your work cannot be guaranteed.

More information about Mentoring can be found on The Writer's Compass website.

Costs will vary depending on the amount of contact you require, but will generally be £150 for a two hour meeting.

If you are interested in being mentored, to book a meeting, or for more information, email

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