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Course Testimonials

This course has been carefully put together and covers all areas within the art of Flash Fiction. The teaching quality is excellent and criticism constructive, helping students develop as they progress. Despite being an on-line course, links between all students are encouraged. After studying this course I feel more confident in writing Flash Fiction and know how to improve and edit works. I would encourage others to attempt this course if they are interested in the use of the written word and want to explore the genre.
                                          - Anna Hecks

Flash Fiction was a totally new venture for me, and I started out knowing next to nothing about it. But I learned a tremendous amount, and I feel that my writing improved greatly during the six weeks of the course. And I made some lovely new friends into the bargain! This was an excellent course led by a helpful and sympathetic tutor. Highly recommended!
                                          - Sue Barnard

I am very happy to recommend Calum’s flash fiction course. I took it because I’d always fancied doing some creative writing, but didn’t know where to start. I reasoned that writing short stories was as good a place as any, so I took deep breath and jumped in. The weekly notes that Calum provides are not only very interesting to read, but also act as a useful learning tool when coming to grips with the specific disciplines that flash fiction requires. Calum is generous with his feedback and accurate with his appraisals. I really did learn an awful lot in a relatively short space of time - six weeks. Another invaluable aspect of the course is the chance to share your work on a private forum, allowing you and your fellow students to read each other’s work, giving each other mutual support. Calum provides a most professional, quality teaching service. He puts a lot of himself into the notes, in an informal ‘chatty’ manner. This makes for very easy reading and understanding of the material. If you are thinking of taking a flash fiction course I can’t recommend it enough.
                                          - Neil Gallagher

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