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‘Where does it come from and how do we do it?’ - Great Writing Conference, 16th June 2012.

‘Spellbound’ - The Rusty Nail, June 2012

‘Closely Watched Trains’, Blue Five Notebook: FILM, May 2012

‘Home’ - Jawbreakers, National Flash-Fiction Day 2012, May 2012

‘Idle Hands’ - Ink Sweat & Tears, May 2012

‘Citadel’, Kissing Frankenstein and Other Stories, Flash Fiction South West, May 2012

‘Rain’ - iPM, BBC Radio 4, May 2012

‘Travelling Hopefully’ - Breakfast Show, BBC Radio Solent, May 2012

‘12 Months’ - Apollo's Lyre, April 2012

‘Totem’ and ‘Murmuration’, The Pygmy Giant, April 2012

‘The Spark of Inspiration’, Ether Books, April 2012

‘Gone Fishing’ - the 24 project, April 2012

‘Or Not To Be’ - Tomorrows, April 2012

‘Burning Yellow’, Beyond Transgression, Derby University, March 2012

‘Striking Cyan’, Paragraph Planet, March 2012

'Waiting’, ‘The Listener’ and ‘Daniel’, Misspelled Magazine, March 2012

'Lip Service' - The Flashnificent 7, January 2012.

22 Flash Fictions from flash365 - iPM, Radio 4, December 2011.

'Hurting Kind' (poem) - Best of Manchester Poets 2, Puppywolf Press, December 2011.

‘All at Sea’ - Shoestring, issue 2, Shoestring North, October 2011.

'Stranger Than Faction' (article) - Writing in Education, issue 55, NAWE, November 2011.

‘Late’ and ‘Threads’ commissioned and read for iPM on Radio 4, 17 September 2011.

'A Year in a Flash - Guest blog entry at Winning Words, August 2011.

‘It’s Grim Down South’ - Guest blog entry at The Manchester Lit List, August 2011.

‘Worst Word’ We Hate Words, August 2011

‘Knocking on the Wall’, ‘Painful Memories’ and ‘Lock in’, July 2011.

‘Just Another Ordinary Day’, Sein und Werden, June 2011.

‘A Slice of Time’ in Electric Sky, Bad Language, Manchester, May 2011.

'The Bowler Hat' in NSWS Journal, May 2011.

‘Salt’ and ‘Petals’, in Flash: The International Short-short Story Magazine, Vol. 4 No.1, Apr. 2011

'Unquiet' winner of the March competition on the A Very Short Story website.

‘Waving and Drowning’ (last line), Words with Jam ‘last line’ competition. Honourable Mention, March 2011.

‘Comparison Shopping’ Unlikely Stories online magazine, March 2011.

‘As Plain As’, competition. Honourable mention. Feb 2011.

‘The Spark of Inspiration’, Litro. Feb 2011

‘Pluck’ in The Delinquent, December 2010.

’20 Words’ in Scattered Reds, Bad Language, Manchester, 2010.

(As editor) The Bride Stripped Bare, by Rachel Kendall, DogHorn Publishing, Leeds. 2010

'From Magwitch to Miss Havisham: Narrative Interaction and Mythic Structure in Charles Dickens's Great Expectations' in Goodheart, Euguene, ed. Great Expectations. - Critical Insights. Pasadena, CA: Salem Press, 2010.

'Everything Once', blankpages online magazine, Issue 11, March 2009.

Review of New Media Poetics for PN Review magazine 183, Carcanet Press, September-October 2008.

'Escape', the Recusant online magazine, September 2008.

'Two Worlds Collide: Hypertext and Rewriting', Reader Development in Practice: bringing literature to readers, Facet Publishing, August 2008.

'A Memory', blankpages online magazine, Issue 4, August 2008.

'Review of The Routledge Creative Writing Coursebook'. New Writing magazine, Multilingual Matters, February 2007.

'Can you Spare a Minute?', Transmission magazine, Issue 7,January 2007.

'Review of Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk', Stirrings Still, Vol 2. Number 2, - November 2005.

'Patricia', Writer's Muse magazine, Issue 26, July 2005.

'Doing a Line', Muse, Manchester Metropolitan University, Issue 3, September 2003.

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