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Editing Service

You've finished your story, it has some problems, and you're not quite sure how to deal with them. Who can you turn to?

That's the kind of situation which calls for an editor. An editor's job is to go through your work in detail, marking up errors and problems, pointing out good work that could be expanded, posing questions that need answering, and in other ways polishing your work for publication.

This editing service will provide detailed line-editing of your work, plus a general reading report to help you make your work as good as it can be.

You can send either a complete story, a part of a story, part of a longer work, or a selection of shorter works. Up to 2000 words is just £25, between 2000 and 5000 words is £50.

To have your work edited, please chose one of the options below, pay via PayPal, then email your work to including your PayPal transaction number in the email.

Editing Service - up to 2000 words:

Editing Service - 2000-5000 words:

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