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Editing Testimonials

Having worked with Calum on my short story collection, The Bride Stripped Bare, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of a professional editorial service. With great attention to detail he was able to spot every typo and grammatical error.

He was also very adept at making suggestions in the moulding, revising and tightening of each story to enable it to become the very best it could be, whilst boosting my confidence in my work. As well as proving himself to be fully committed, Calum was a pleasure to work with and I hope to make use of his knowledge and diligence again in the future.

Since publication, my stories 'Eat Me, Eat Me,' 'The Bride Stripped Bare', 'The Seedy Underbelly', '51 Weeks' and 'Blood Money' have all been included on Ellen Datlow's Honourable Mentions list.

                            - Rachel Kendall.

Thanks for taking a look at the stories and taking time to provide your comments. All your comments make perfect sense. I really appreciate it and it has given me a writing boost again after a bit of a lull. Feedback really helps to jump start the ol’ writing grey matter doesn’t it and I really needed that.

                            - Joanne Key

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