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Undead at Heart

Undead At Heart by Calum Kerr It is a sunny afternoon in the heart of England and all seems normal. But when a burning truck flies through the air and lands in the middle of the road, it changes Nicola and Tony's lives for ever and sends them on a breathless journey into darkness. In the company of other refugees, on the run from aliens and zombies, this is the story of their desperate attempt to find safety in the midst of chaos.

'War of the Worlds' meets 'The Walking Dead' in this novel from Calum Kerr, author of '31' and 'Braking Distance'.

Now available in paperback for £6.00 (£6.99 on Amazon) plus £2.00 p&p in the UK. (Please email for orders outside the UK.)

(And if you would like it signed, include that in the instructions on PayPal.)

The Kindle version of the book also includes a bonus extra - the short-story 'Judith'.

Available on Kindle from
Available on Kindle from

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