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Lost Property - The Collected Pamphlets

Lost Property by Calum Kerr "We spent the morning on the beach. Yosef showed us how to take driftwood, detritus, flotsam and craft it into the shapes of our dreams. We stood with our toes digging into the hot sand as we watched as he bound the items together piece by piece until they took flight.

Then we took our turn."

- from 'Soaring'

Cinder House, on behalf of Dead Ink Books, is proud to announce the release of Lost Property by Calum Kerr. This collection brings together four brand new pamphlets of flash fiction produced by Kerr. The pamphlets are Singsong, Soaring, Burning and Citadel; they will be published by Dead Ink Books as ebooks.

The collection has been produced by Cinder House, a new press based in Manchester, and this has been a pilot project before they launch fully later in the year.

Lost Property will be launched on National Flash-Fiction Day this year: June 22nd. This paperback collection contains 83 stories that move from the hilarious to the sinister and demonstrate the unique nature of ultra-short fiction.

Lost Property was published in paperback on Saturday June 22nd and the pamphelts themselves will be available in digital format soon.

Buy the book at

To support the release of the book, a blog tour has been embarked upon! This page will be updated daily with the locations, and form an archive of them when it's done.

Why not have a read to find out all about NFFD, Lost Property, my writing in general and my thoughts on flash in all its forms.

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